Sunday, December 20, 2015


I have been sewing out in the loft for much of the week. (VACATION)  We have had mild temperatures here in the Leatherstocking Region of NY but I still lit a fire every day.  When the CARS panel was approved by the DS for the DGD I moved inside because I wanted to test out the 15-91 in FMQ (Free Motion Quilting).  Today I just wanted to work some more on the Log Cabin scrappy quilt. 

When I was a kid I was never rewarded for my chores.  I did get an allowance, but the work was expected and never tied to the allowance.   My sister cleaned the living room and I cleaned the bathrooms.  We both had to do dishes and help with dinner at times.  Today, as I was trying to motivate myself to do some domestic chores, I wished that I could pay myself every time I did something productive.  Five bucks for the laundry, ten bucks for the vacuuming, one hundred bucks for cleaning the bathrooms.  Somehow, it wasn't working out.  The money is mine anyway and thinking about doing double the work for the same money didn't wash.

Instead, I decided that I would work a little, sew a little.  Every time I accomplished a chore, I could spend that much time sewing.  I set the ironing board up next to the sewing machine, at just the right height.  The smallest cutting mat, my little iron and many scraps created a cozy little corner. 

Steven was out paddling with his buddies.  After I walked the dogs, I washed one set of slip covers, vacuumed one rug, put away some laundry, mended the dog seat cover for the car, and decided it was time to sew. 
I put four blocks together and decided that I wanted to see how they looked.  I stapled some batting to the wall in the quilting room and pinned the blocks up.

I made two more just as Steven arrived home. 

"Oh you got home before I could clean up the mess!"

"It's a happy mess."  How right he is. 
The short daylight hours shut me down early.  I had hoped to get ten blocks done today; I just couldn't. Six will have to do.  The house is still a mess, even worse because one couch is all torn up.  The slip covers dry in their own time. I did tidy up my cozy corner, just to have some collateral for when it is time to sew again. 
Dinner time and Happy Hour.


  1. Great Idea! I try to have a project all set up by my machines so if I get a few minutes not called for, I sew. I have my basket of small scraps by the treadle for made fabric, a bag with Calico Rose for leader and enders or a 15 minute sprint (almost ready to assemble), a quilt with a binding all cut ready to glue attach- in other words, I try to make the threshold low to sew for a short time- all the decisions made, projects ready with pieces. I found a mini crate with dividers I used to use for markers when I was an illustrator and put every tool back in it as I use them so they are ready. Hate searching under fabric and scraps for tools and losing them. Losing tools makes me lose my temper. Wish I could lift a glass of wine with you- I drink red!

  2. I too have happy messes! When I begin to take over the whole of the kitchen table as well as my own sewing room I occasionally tidy up!I love the look of your room with all those big windows.

  3. You're hubs is sweet. Mine doesn't mind a mess either, so I oblige him frequently. It's just my little way of keeping him interested.

  4. Nice parlor cabinet under the printer, too. What machine is in that one?

  5. Could it be the Juki is receiving an occasional workout too??

    1. That is the Bernina, actually. But, yes, the Juki is getting a work out as well and will be put to use soon as I stitch a Minky Blanky together for the DGD.

  6. Love your blog, this is a GREAT incentive to help get yourself to get things done! I love setting up the L shape sewing/ironing/serging setup as well, I love that!