Sunday, October 18, 2015

It started snowing

so I had to stop biking.  Who knows if I have had my last ride of the season?  S. and I went out on Friday after the roads dried from the overnight showers. Three miles from home (which means 18 minutes for us) it started to rain; a cold, sleety rain.  Thank goodness we were close to home. The forecast looks good for my next day off.  Who knows?

I put together a strip quilt last weekend.  I had some 2.5 inch batik precut strips.  I had sewn all the dark ones together on the serger, no less, for another project.  I changed my mind and took the strips apart.  Linda over at Art in Search blogged about this method for creating a quilt.  I decided to try it out.

This morning I started quilting it.  I decided that any quilting at all would detract from the beauty of the fabric so I went into the ditch.  I am lousy at that.  Even after 42 lines, I was still missing the ditch much of the time.

It passes the distance test.  Don't get too close.  I like the back, too.  I had no tension issues.  I had expected some, considering I was quilting batiks.


  1. Beautiful job! You can use the strips as an opportunity to try all sorts of designs. An experienced long armer told me stitch in the ditch is one of the hardest things to execute well.
    I was in Old Forge, Thurs though today. Saw the Quilt show which was not as good as the one we saw- not enough quilts and a lot of so so ones. EIther the jurying discouraged submissions (me) or they weeded out only what they wanted. Snowed all day yesterday as we trekked all around. Lots of it in all states- sleet, styrofoam, wet floppy and waxy. Very cold and wet. Walking to the motel after dinner, slipped and fell. Good thing I had lots of layers on.
    New machine due Thursday.

  2. It's a great quilt, I really like it. Sorry your biking outside days are dwindling but perhaps you will have a dry winter and so clear roads for a winter ride.

  3. I thought I was a great stitch in the ditcher until I started trying on quilted runners.That is a whole new ball game. I have now decided it is better for my sorry self to stich close to the seam like topstitching. That's where about every third inch lands anyway for me. Your quilt is really pretty.