Saturday, September 26, 2015


I have a book QUILTS IN THE SUN.  The cover photo caught my eye.  I decided to use up some stash, though I did have to purchase some solid fabric. It was easy to piece so it went together quickly.   The quilting is a simple, unimaginative, yet elegant grid that affords me the opportunity to use my ruler over and over again.
If the piecing were perfect, I could set the channel lock and zip across the quilt quickly.  Alas, I am not the perfect piecer.  The throat on my Long Arm is not quite long enough to stitch the vertical seams completely corner to corner.  Oh yes, I toyed with the idea of upgrading to a 24.  I reigned in THAT wild horse yesterday on my way to work.  I would rather cut my hours and have more time so I am really,  really trying hard to practice spending less.  Indeed, today I cashed in my credit card reward points for a pair of bicycling tights.  Cooler weather is coming.  Shucks, it's already here.

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