Sunday, December 21, 2014

How I spent the FDOW 2014 (First Day Of Winter)

It didn’t really take ALL DAY.  It just felt as if it did.  I  had some Warm Window fabric left over from the house project.  It is taking up room in the sewing loft.  In an effort to reduce, re-use and recycle, I decided that today would be a good day to make a couple of window treatments for the guest apartment.  I am spending a fair amount of time out there quilting.  I like it warm, oddly enough, when I work.  Given that it is now winter (Hark! The first day is today!) baby it’s cold out there. 

I turn the heat up, of course, and then turn it off when I will not be using the space for several days.  For those days when I can get out there to quilt, I want to conserve.  While Cuomo, not my favorite politician [now there’s an oxymoron], banned Fracking in NY, it is in everyone’s best interests to conserve.  I am just trying to do my part.  I turn the heat down to 50 F at night and poke it back up to 65 F in the morning on days when I can play with my Bailey (which I am appreciating more now that I have priced other Long Arm Quilters, such as the HQ 16.)

I have four more to go.  I am not thrilled with this result.  It will fit the bill and the others will be better as I remember better how I did it the first time around. 


  1. I really love the view without the covers. I wish I had such a lovely view. We don't even have any snow. I would love to paint the scene, or make a quilt of it!!

    1. Now There's an idea! I could make a warm window quilt of that scene! The one window cover is hiding the brush pile that we intend to chip up some day. Sigh

  2. When it is cold, warm is better than looking at cold. Lol! I'm sure you have a lot more winter there than we do here but when the wind is blowing even a tiny air leak is like a wind tunnel. Dh and I went to a movie shown at the town's vintage theater and it was a movie with snow in a cold theater. Brrrr I really like using the Eden Pure elite model heaters for a little extra warmth. I know their reviews are bad but we have used them for several years. You might like one of those out there. I just love that you have the Bailey to quilt your tops. That is so neat to have an escape place to have it set up.

  3. I love the warm colors in your quilting apartment. And love the view out the other two windows too. Three of my favorite quilting projects have been what I named "window and door capes." They are landscape quilts that cover the very nice view out a set of 2 drafty windows and a door.

    The view of trees against snow in your quilting room lend themselves very well to art quilting - and it's really fun to make them.

  4. Pretty, I love the flowers! Not too overpowering. Nice to look at on a gloomy day.

  5. Looks good from here. Is is a roman shade or a flat panel?