Monday, July 7, 2014


If you have been following the blog, you know I spend some time at the Quilt Zoo, in Worcester, NY.
Often I would hear "DNA on the quilt !" after someone says "Ouch" from a pin prick.  I know what that means now.

I decided to pin the baby quilt to the frame instead of using the zip leaders.  It is small enough and I wanted to compare the experiences.  I think I prefer the zip leaders

Quilt back
Quilt topI
After I pinned the back and the top to the take-up rail, I placed the batting between the two layers and carefully rolled everything onto the take-up rail.  When the back was just the right length I pinned it to the back rail. As I was rolling it carefully onto the back rail, I pricked my finger


That red splotch is some of my DNA in the form of sanguinous fluid.  It is not on the quilt per se.  It is on the cloth leader.  

I believe I prefer the zip leaders method.
It did not take that long to pin the pieces.  I was finished in just about an hour.  I plan to make new leaders from the cotton ticking I purchased from  The stripes on the ticking will provide a straight edge and increase my accuracy as I stitch the leader to the quilt.

I am floating the top and the batting.  That means that I am not attaching the top or batting to  their respective rails.  I may regret this decision as I get close the end.  I will need to pin the top to it's rail in order to provide enough tension.  I will have to be very careful not to spill some DNA.  

The quilt is ready to go when I am.  Of course I must service the machine before I start the new quilt.  Remind me to change the needle.  New project, new needle.

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