Friday, June 20, 2014


The quilt top is pieced.  I don't have any decent place to hang it and the frame is not ready for prime time so I had to drape it over the fabric rack.
 It has been hanging there a week.  I reckon I will have to press it again.  Sigh.  I think, though, that I will do it in the apartment just before I mount the top on the frame.  There are no rugs out there and the bamboo floor is new and sweeps up easily; translation: NO LINT.

I finished piecing the back today.  Lots of lint.  It has not yet been pressed.  I used up the extra strips and made some DNP blocks.  I would have had to piece the back any way.  It looks much better in real time.  Wilson doesn't really like it.  He was waiting to go in to the house.  Supper time.
I am going to pop this in washer on gentle cycle tomorrow.  I washed the teal fabric but the not the others.  Then, if all goes well, I can get this on the frame and start quilting. 

I interrupted this project to work on some bibs for bebe.  I bought some PUL from  The celery green is nice and neutral.  Personally, I love the Michael Miller pink daisy peace sign PUL.  I lined them both with flannel.  Quick little projects.  I used one I bought from the Evil Empire as a pattern.  I just traced around it and cut out the paper pattern from some poster paper.  I love my Kam Snaps.  What fun!  PUL is not easy to sew.  I switched to the Kenmore because it has stretch stitch capability, but I found that the Singer 15-90 treadle did just as well.  I kept the stickier side toward the feed dogs, otherwise the foot would drag on the fabric.  The manufactured one had seam binding on the edge.  I prefer to sew the wrong sides together and then right side out and top stitch.  

 Now that I have been sewing for weeks, I am having machine repair blues.  No problem.  I have to clean and oil the serger as well as the Bailey.  That practice quilt threw up a whole lot of lint.  I wonder what the shuttle gears look like. I don't want to start on another quilt until I clean that lint out.  There never is enough time.   I have discovered, though, that if I don't vacuum, cook, groom dogs or shave my legs, I have about three extra hours per week.  


  1. Great sewing! I have to get the photos of what I sewed off the camera and on to the blog. I never know what quilt to sew first, as they are a lot in the pipeline. So I just keep sewing. Machines are purring along.

  2. I love the last part, I'm always looking for more time (then aren't we all?). Well the dog has been gone for a couple years now (thinking of finding a new sweetie to adopt) so I'm not grooming, vacuuming hmmmm, I could give that up! LoL.... I suppose we could just eat cold cereal. And since I've had Graves Disease I don't have tons of hair to shave much anymore.... seems I'm a bit better off than you time wise.... would you like me to loan you some? Enjoy your day.

  3. Shaving is highly overrated- especially over 50.

  4. Love that last comment about the time! I am going thru your previous posts to read about the Bailey! I have been looking for a mid arm but turned off by the price! This might be doable!

    1. One drawback: regular size bobbins. If you could find one that takes the larger bobbin, might be good. Keep looking

  5. That reminds me, gotta oil my baby!! :)