Saturday, May 3, 2014


When Andrea visited she serviced this machine just before she left.  It was stuck in reverse.  She lubed it all up and got it going in the right direction.  There was a "ping' when the needle passed the hook.  She thought it needed an adjustment.  Turns out, it just sounds that way.  Really.  I read so in the service manual.

I had tested it and it sewed fine but the race cover looked a bit worn out.  I ordered a new one and installed it today.  I had a bit of a panic attack when I couldn't remember where I had put it for safe keeping.  I sat on my thinking stool and remembered.  I had tacked it to the bulletin board.  WHEW!

It looks much different from the original.
It made a nice stitch before I replaced the race cover.  I think now it stitches better.  I am going to try to find a cover for the lower knob.  I may be able to fashion something that looks half way decent.  Then I am going to cart it to the Quilt Zoo with me the next time I go there to sew.  It is very quiet.  Maybe someone there will be impressed.  I sure do like it. 


  1. How about a circle cut from a pickle jar lid, hot glued to a spool pin felt, and then hit glued in place?

  2. I grew up sewing on a Viking 6020 which is the next model past this one. I don't know if you could tell them apart. I do like them. I have had a different viking 6020 that I have sewn on for years. I think I have worn it out. I have sewn everything from baby diapers to my daughter's formal dress on it.

    Have you found the low gear on that machine? On the right side there is a knob. Like the bobbin winding knob. Pull it out. Now sew with it. It gears down and sews very slow but very powerfully! I have mended my hubby's work gloves with a #18 needle and that low gear. It is also good for new sewers since they can go so slow with it. Enjoy!

  3. I just bought one of these on Craigslist (my third viking from the 6000 series) and I think it's my favorite. I would worry about the "ping" you hear... mine doesn't sound like that. In fact, it's the quietest machine I've ever sewn on. My low gear doesn't sound like a tractor, either.

    By the way, there's supposed to be this miracle cleaning solution that is supposed to bring them back to factory color. I read about it on the vintage vikings list.... here's the link to the homemade cleaning solution, but I only skimmed it. Apparently there's some component of letting it sit in sunlight or UV light.

    The name of the vikings group is vikingsewingmachinespre1980

    1. Good information. The ping is gone when the machine is threaded and sewing. The viking group is very fine. Terrific information. Thanks for reminding us