Tuesday, May 6, 2014


 I made a short list of things that I wanted to get done tonight after work.  A very short list.  It was comprised of two items.  Take a photo of the barrister book case and list it on Craig's list.  That didn't happen

Instead, I packed an ebay item that sold (TADA!!!) today.  Of course I had to find it first.  Then I had to buy postage,  But before I could do that I had to remember my ebay password.  I had changed it when news of the Heartbleed flaw broke.  I carefully constructed a SAFE PW  and I wrote it down.  Somewhere.  I was pretty sure it was on the back of an old envelope that I CAREFULLY stowed in my desk with the PW book.  I could not find it any where.  No problem, I will just make up a new one.

"Are you not eating dinner?" asked Steven, perhaps somewhat put out that I was flitting around trying to reset a new password.

"I will as soon as I get this password changed."  But I was having a terrible time.  The page would not load.

"Oh and Betsy is coming over with some machines tonight.  Someone may come over tomorrow to buy one."

"And she is here now."

 I met her at the door and we went out to unload the machines.

"Where do we put them?" 

"Keep going," I said and directed her right into my part of the shop which was over run with STUFF including the left over stuff from South River that had been residing in Steven's part of the shop for the past four months. 

"Oh, I see," she said. "Steven got tired of having this in his shop, eh?"

"Oh he has been so good about it.  I really MUST take care of it now."  said I, lovingly thinking of my dear, sweet husband who puts up with all of this insanity.  (Cough).

On call, Betsy couldn't stay long.  Her beeper might not reach way out here so she had to head home.

I still hadn't had dinner but was determined to get this postage label printed so that the buyer would know the item was on its way.

Shipping costs were way too high via eBay so I went to the USPS site.  But by now the internet was running p  a  i  n  f  u  l  l  y   s   l   o   w.  No problem  I will reboot the modem.

Which was the perfect time for me to call Mom to chat about knitting and do the dishes. 

Good.  The internet was back up and running, I was able to comparison shop for postage on line (much better on the USPS site when you have actual weight and dimensions) and print the label. 

It was a frenetic evening and  I still have a book case to photograph, machines to prepare for sale, a package to ship, the house to vacuum and a quilt to finish.  I am swamped.


  1. Life gets in the way of getting things done. Tyranny of the urgent overtakes the important unless we identify what is important and cling to it. It is a journey and process. Usually we are in a rush and just keep flying by the seat of our pants. People who are bright, creative, motivated, are hit the most with this. There is hope and tools to unswamp, but it is uncomfortable and work at first. You are gifted and have great heart.

  2. I will have to remember that quote next time "I'm swamped"... too funny that is one of our families favorites. Hang in there.... remember the rest of the quote has something to do with....take care of yourself, if you don't have your health you have nothing!

    1. Oh That's right! I think I will have to watch it tonight while I knit !