Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dear Hillary

Your comment on my last post has been marked as spam.  Clearly you are trying to advertise Berninas.  This has nothing to do with knitting or poodles.  Sorry.  I must keep the blog clean.

Hilary ****** has left a new comment on your post "CO 5, KFB, YO, K2TOG (OR Do these dogs make me loo...":

Thanks so much for sharing this! I would love to get a Bernina sewing machine from  *******  I hear they are the best! Do you know if this is a reliable company to order from :

 So if you are wondering why I didn't post this in the comments, that's why. 


  1. Elizabeth,
    I made chihuahua shirts for a shivering dog I was keeping for a week on my Bernina.
    Does this count?
    Betty Tyler

    1. Betty! You make me laugh. Were they hair shirts? Do you love your Bernina? I hear they are the best !

  2. I read "Dear Hillary" and thought it was going to be political discourse...

  3. I thought political as well. It's sad one can't even have a vintage sewing machine blog with some dog photos without the junk. It's nice you vaporize it so we get to skip it too.

  4. Sure hope this doesn't make you think we don't want to continue reading your blog! Cause we do!
    Jean C.