Sunday, June 5, 2016


Scraps.  More Scraps.  I don't know how many of the strippy scrap blocks I have made.  My intent was to use them for a quilt for my sister.  When I put them up on the design wall and stepped back,  I almost threw up.  Honestly  The pattern was just too vertiginous.  Now What?

I have some 5 inch square blocks and tried mixing the stripes with them. That was too much as well.   Nor was it bright enough. I tried to brighten it up  with some light blue .

   I didn't like that either. (My design wall/board is just too small. )

So then I started moving blocks around. 

Too dark
Different position.  Too stripey and too small.
Each block is 5 inches.  The quilt is 12 blocks by 12 blocks and once the seam allowance is considered, it wasn't really large enough as a throw.  So I added another column which threw off the original design.  
Shrinking the photo helps highlight the design. 
I found this for the back.
I plan to quilt it with an edge to edge hand guided pattern.  Likely swirls. 

I know that I had intended not to buy more fabric.  I want flannel for the back and I don't have a piece of flannel large enough.   I don't have much flannel at all. 

I will put a border on the quilt.  I think I will wait until the fabric comes to see if I should use this.  I think just a one inch border will be fine. 


  1. Love it! I love the backing...hope it works. I too, am on a self imposed "no buy" fabric policy right now. =) I have also been put on a "one in, one out" notice from my husband for sewing machines. lol. I think I can bend that rule if I really want to....but am saving it for the right time.

  2. Good solution! You certainly tried a lot. I would have also tried 4 string blocks together and then a neutral sashing. Maybe even on point. The string blocks are very lovely. Have fun quilting!

    1. I actually did that. I tried them on point and I tried them straight. Still vertiginous . I have more. I could try again.

  3. Good Solution! In truth, asymetry is hard to swallow when you're dealing with squares. Or compulsive disorders.

  4. I loved watching your design process. It is amazing what changing the orientation of the stripes did to the design. I think you did a great job with them. I had to look up vertiginous. Thanks for my word of the day! I too have been working with small scrappy blocks. I have a niece who wanted chevrons and grey for her baby quilt. I am not a grey person so she got chevrons but brights. I had a lot of fun with squares and some half square triangles.