Monday, April 27, 2015

Almost finished

We chewed up our allowable bandwidth when the kids were here and the internet has been slow.   I have almost finished the dolls.  One more wig to fasten to a head, knees to stitch and they will be ready for delivery.

I used the serger for the pinafores and bloomers and made french seams on the dresses.   Since I had no lace for the neck, I made the ruffled trim with the Ruffler. 

I love them.


  1. Oh, the dolls are just adorable! I have always loved Raggedy Ann dolls and never had one. In the 50s, I got a plastic doll with plastic hair and cheesy clothes. I always wanted one. When my daughter was born in 1986, I immediately bought her one. She never liked it and I still have it. She wanted an American Girl doll and I never could afford one for her. Maybe my penchant for scrap quilts was born because of Raggedy Ann. You did such a tremendous job!

  2. Very cute and is that grass I see in the background? Woohoo!

  3. I love those aprons/dresses. Especially the yellow one. They are beautiful dolls.

  4. Thanks for giving us all the details on making the wigs: I had no idea it could be done this way. They sure are cute!