Sunday, February 9, 2014



This is my neighbor's machine.  She bought it with hopes to sew sheep skin.  I have had it for several weeks.  I have been cleaning it up.  Boy it is dirty.   It is also very very heavy.

It is rather imposing with all those external fittings. 

It has a knee activated presser foot lifter.  I have one on my 31  I love it.
It is equipped with a positive upper and under feeding mechanism.  

It also has a roller edge guide.  I can't figure out how to work it.  Perhaps once it is cleaned up and re-installed I can figure it out.

It certainly has a beefy looking feed dog lifter and race.  A class 15 bobbin fits, but it takes a heavier weight bobbin which fits better. 

I did not take much apart to clean it.  The race and shuttle assembly is very similar to my 31-15.  That I felt I could manage
I thought that I would have to remove the feed dog lifter in order to remove the shuttle race.  I seem to recall doing so on the 31-15.

But I could not get the screw  loose so I could lower the arm shaft holding the feed dog lifter roller in place.  Someone obviously had loosened this screw a time or two before I tried.  Turns out, though, that I did loosen it and, ultimately, changed the feed dog height.  I didn't know that until I tried a stitch test.  I had to go back and adjust the feed dog height.  I never did get it off though.  I would have liked to check that roller. 
I cleaned the parts in the ultrasonic cleaner then rinsed them with denatured alcohol and oiled all of them.  It is nice to have clean parts.  Were this my machine, I would have taken the whole feed mechanism apart and cleaned those parts as well.  I had to just do my best to rinse with denatured alcohol and oil, over and over.  I finally got the compressor out and just sprayed all that gunk out of there.  That helped.  The machine is stitching and while I would like to spend more time cleaning it up, I think my neighbor would like to get it back.  I am sure she is anxious to play with it.


  1. What a great old machine! I love these odd ducks. I just spent the evening working on my Necchi BU industrial - another oddball. What a great machine. Knee lifter and the cutest little butcher block table. And just like the regular Necchi BU, L/C/R needle position and zig-zag. Fun machine.

  2. It certainly is an interesting machine. Glad you are back. I don't know if I have enough guts to fix something like that. I can't even get some simple wiring done. I am happy as a clam when the FMQ works flawlessly on the 301s and when the straight stitch is perfectly balanced on the others!

  3. Thanks for sharing! What a neat machine! I think (my guess) for the little roller by the foot is to keep the seam allowance true AND it is a roller so that you can go fast. I think you would push the edge of the fabric right up against it and as it rolled you would be flying! I think the industrial machines will sew faster than a household machine. Especially if it is hooked up to a 5 amp motor instead of a 1 amp motor.