Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rhythmical Ruler Work

To me it is a bit like a dance.  Line the ruler up, stitch the line, repeat.  I started out the morning stitching each triangle individually.  Now that was tedious.  Cutting the thread at the end of each triangle took time and wasted thread.  I wondered if I couldn't figure out a different way to avoid all that wasted time and thread.

When I FMQ on the domestic machine I would simply move the quilt to a new starting point without cutting the threads.  It worked there, I figured it would work on the frame.

I started in a common corner of several triangles.  I stitched all the way around and then I put the machine on the longest stitch and stitched over to the center of the corner of the adjacent triangle, set the stitch length back to normal and went for it.  Heck I could do up to five triangles with that method.  It worked great.

First I stitched along arrow 1, across arrow 2 and back to the starting point along 3.  Then I would baste stitch to one side and because I would end up almost back to the same corner, I could jump over to the other corner of the third triangle.  I will  have some trimming to do at the end, but that would be a whole lot easier than starting and stopping that machine many, many times.
The small 6 inch ruler is a nice size but the Quilter's Apothecary ruler became my favorite for this job.  It has useful, visible markings.  The smaller ruler doesn't.  The angled handle is nice, too, but sort of weighed it down at times.  I just can't get the hang of the Dritz stitch in the ditch ruler.

 I finished two blocks.  I have four to go.  I am sure that with experience I will get faster but ruler work is just slower than Hand guided free motion.  It is a simple fact.  But it doesn't matter.  Every time I quilt, I learn something new.  Sometimes, it is just about racking up the hours.   

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ready for Prime Time

Let's just say Shit hit the fan and let it go at that.  One thing for sure, the past three weeks has reminded me just how lucky I am.  I have a good job, that I love.  My DH loves me and, while he may not love all of the dogs, he steps in to take care of them when I can't.  My DSis (as opposed to the DS ((Dear Son)) and I are devoted daughters and we are surprisingly compatible.  Speaking of the DS, he landed a good job in his field after months of heart breaking rejections.  Actually, this job is the best of all of them, so there.

It is hot here, now.  Hot and humid.  The quilting studio (well, OK, room) faces  southwest.  In the winter, that is good.  In the summer, no so much.  Still I managed to practice a little bit and have finally loaded a quilt.  I am ready for Prime Time.  I am sick of practicing.  I want to go for it, whole hog.

My ruler came from the Quilter's Apothecary while I was away.  Wrigley thought it was a yummy treat and opened it for me.  Maybe Jamie was eating a ham sandwich as he packed it.  Who knows?

I used it on a practice piece and have to say that the angled handle is nice.  I guess I can try some ditch stitching.  I am just aching to get some hours in.  I took delivery of the Nolting in May and, sadly have only 8 (eight) hours logged.  Time to change the needle.  How sad is that?

 When it cools down, I will get back at it.  The NWS predicts high humidity and high temperatures tomorrow.  Guess where the coolest spot is?  The shop.  I have some re-wiring to do; a couple of Kenmore foot controllers and a Singer 15-91.  I also have a darling little Singer 24 to service.  I would love to find room for it in the sewing loft.  I have need for a chain stitcher.  The Kenmore 158. 1756 works well, but I love to treadle.  Wouldn't it also be nice if I could get the Davis vertical feed ready?  I hear it is a great machine for binding quilts.