Resources for Sewing Machine Repair

Yahoo groups offer many choices.  Right now my favorites are Vintage Singers and We Fix It. You must be a member but signing up is easy.

I recommend Nicholas Rain Noe's Blog The Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Blog.  He is very good at tutorials and an inspiration

Also check out  My Sewing Machine Addiction blog.  This is a great blog devoted to the restoration from inside out, of a 1940 Singer 201.  

TOOLS. You really have to have the right tools.  Get a set of hollow ground screwdriver bits.  Again, The Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Blog has advice = Cindy Peters she has lots of parts and is very knowledgeable.  Email her for questions.  She's busy so give her time.   A good resource for manuals for your machine  Excellent selection.  Fast and reasonable shipping.  For featherweight parts and info.  One of the nicest guys around  Ray White's Sewing Machine Repair classes.  Highly recommended.   Just found this one thanks to a post on WEFIXIT.  Might be helpful  Guy Baker   Featherweight Fibre Washer


There is a Vintage Sewing Machine group on FB.  It is an open group and members hail from around the world.  There is always something happening on that group

Some folks have a Facebook Page in addition to or rather than, a website.  As I find them I add them here.
Rick Engel who is very smart and also a member of the FB group has a FB page.  Cehck it out