Friday, July 12, 2019


I started this scrappy quilt a couple of years ago.  Perhaps even as long ago as 2016. I remember finishing the piecing during my chemotherapy drama. S. would come over and we would sew. I put it on the frame a couple of weeks ago and had intended to practice some swirls.

I just couldn't get the rhythm of that design.

I could draw it.

I simply could not quilt it.

Ten times I tried. I ripped out ten swirls. I was not feeling the joy.

So I gave up and went with feathers.

And pebbles with wavy lines along the seams.

I like it.

I alway ran the Nolting without the stitch regulator. After I finished the ruler work on Ellen's quilt I decided I needed more practice in stitch regulated mode.

 Next up is the UVM quilt. 

This hangs in the atrium at UVM Medical Center. It is a steel sculpture.

I made this for my friend, J., who sent me the photo in February of 2018. I was not yet living in the 802. I found much of the fabric in The Quilt Zoo, next door to my abode of the time. The rest I hunted down on line. Finally I was satisfied with the blend. I wish I knew how to quilt it. 

So. I had occasion to need the walking foot to bind that scrappy quilt. The foot is a Viking and didn't fit on the Necchi. It fits beautifully on the Singer 237. I love the Necchi but it is handy to have a machine that will zig zag and accepts the walking foot. Sigh. I should consider off loading a few machines. 

I suppose I could start with the 15-90. It is a nice treadle but NOISY. True, it is strong, but I think the Necchi is just as strong. I could test them against each other. Maybe make a leather something or other.  Good idea. Be kind. Be just. Just be kind.