Thursday, February 6, 2020

One Block Wonder

 I have been in therapy with my various sewing machines. It seems that I prefer my 201-1. The others are coming to grips with my favoritism. We all acknowledge that I love them all, but, truly one gets most of my attention.  As machines, this doesn't seem to make much difference in how they respond to me. For that, I am grateful.

This One Block Wonder was pieced on my 201-1. I did stitch the blocks together with the 201-2. I needed both hands to match the points. I sent this off to Canada to a friend who fell in love with the fabric when she visited last spring. Seriously, she walked around the Sewing Space (which may be re-named soon) hugging the fabric. As I was working on the quilt, all I could think of was Margie and how much she loved that fabric.

There was not enough color in this quilt for me. So, I bought another piece of fabric and went at it again with the triangles and hexagons. 
This was the result. The problem with this fabric; the repeat was 12 inches rather than 24.  Still, it's finished and finished is better than perfect. Theo doesn't really care. He's just happy to be outside.
This is the original fabric. There is A LOT of white. 

Compare it to  Margie's quilt. These colors are more subtle and the repeat is much larger. 

Because I wanted more color I bought this piece at Stowe Fabric and Yarn. Lots of color and a 24 inch repeat. After this, I think I will move on to something else.