Wednesday, March 9, 2016


As much as I would rather be using up scraps and playing on the Nolting, I must make slip covers for the couch and the two orange chairs.  Admittedly the fabric I have is not much better than the orange, but it cost nothing.  I am saving for retirement. 

Mom used her Viking to make a cover for her studio bed.  She used upholstery weight fabric and made piping,  The full Monty, as it were.  She had no problems with her machine.  But I don't want to take my chances with it so I brought in my Necchi Super Nova.

In order for it to function as a flat bed, vs a table top, in the Horn Cabinet I had to adjust the airlift. 

It was relatively simple: loosen the 13mm nut, slide it to the proper position, tighten said nut.

Steven fashioned an insert from a piece of luan underlayment.  It isn't quite thick enough but it will do for now.  I can use this same piece as a template for an acrylic one.
I am now good to go.  I have picked apart the seat cover on one of the chairs.  After the bike ride today I can think about cutting out the pieces.  (Yes Dre, I see the typo in the watermark)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Kitty Lola Update

Lola has found Mary's bed already.  She loves to run up and down the stairs and basks in the sun in front of the sliding glass door.

She also is a very efficient lap warmer.

I think Lola got what Lola wanted.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Twenty two days

It was fun, ahem, while it lasted.  Yesterday, though, it became clear that Wrigley could seriously hurt KittyLola.  We tried to introduce them.  Wrigley on a very tight leash and Lola on the couch.  It looked OK for a minute, then the canine went for the feline and had I not had the leash held tight, Local may have incurred some serious injury.  Fur did fly. 

I was very upset and Wrigley was severely admonished.  He was here first and I promised myself that I would not let that cat die at the mouth of my dogs.  I could not justify disciplining my dog for being, well, a dog.  It would have been romantic and sweet had it all worked out. 

Lola went to live with Mary, our wonderful, down the road, neighbor.  I dropped her off this morning and she hid for a bit under a desk.  Then trotted up the stairs and hid under a bed.  I am sure that she is now purring, happily, in Mary's lap.  That cat loves human contact.

Wrigley and Frannie do not seem to know the difference.  I am more at ease and Steven, too, is relieved.   We do have family members who are cat allergic and we love all of them.  Were that not the case, we might have tried harder to make the dog/cat thing work.  You know, the excuse....